Japan VR Summit 2

Event Report

Japan VR Summit 2 (JVRS2) was held on November 16th, 2016, at the Royal Park Hotel (Suitengu). The scale was expanded from the previous JVRS1, with an increase in size, and participation by incredible speakers globally. The program sessions and demonstrations were a great success.

The main venue hall programs were comprised of 5 panel discussions covering topics related to “2020 Vision”, “Potential of China Market”, “VR Amusement Centers”, “Expansion from Games/Entertainment to Cross Industry VR”, and “Investor Perspectives on VR's Profitability Potential”. Leading VR players participated as speakers, and shared their invaluable and broad-ranging experiences. The VR demo booths were a popular attractions with long lines of participants eager to engage in the VR experiences being offered. The Welcome Lunch and the Post-Event Party were popular with those excited to expand their professional VR networks.
JVRS proved once again to be a great forum to support the evolution and growth of the VR market, as well as the VR platform as a whole.

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