Japan VR Summit 1

Event Report

Japan VR Summit (JVRS) was held on May 10th 2016, at The Gand Hall (Shinagawa). JVRS targeted all persons interested in VR, for the purpose of contributing to the growth of the VR market in Japan. Due to the considerable excitement globally for what many consider as “the first year of the VR era”, all the tickets were sold out with approximately 500 participants.
Five panel discussions were held on the topic of VR. These were Head Mount Display, Overseas Market Reality, VR Gaming, VR Development, and Investment Activity. The key leadership of the current VR market participated as speakers. They shared their unique perspectives and experiences with the audience. The venue foyer, featured VR Experience Booths, with long lines of participants. Reservation tickets were gone by the early morning. In addition, a very active and vibrant business networking occured during both the "welcome lunch", and “closing reception”.
In closing, many noted that the summit made a great impression on its participants regarding the potential of VR to evolve as the next platform across multiple industries.

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